High School Esports Clubs


Flaktest Gaming, of which I am the CTO, has just launched Season 2018. Check out the reveal trailer below.

This year we have introduced High School Esports Clubs. We are passionate about making esports accessible to as many students as possible, and this is a great way to make that happen.

Here is an excerpt from the 2018 Teacher Info Pack that you can access from our website.

What is Flaktest Gaming?

As the leader of youth esports in Australia, Flaktest Gaming of- fers the perfect platform for your school esports club.

Flaktest Gaming leverages the passions of young gamers to- wards personal and academic outcomes. Our activities include regional and national school es- ports tournaments, community events, and extracurricular pro- grams. Since 2015, Flaktest Gam-

ing has helped thousands of young gamers around Australia nd purpose in the way they play video games. Through respect, integrity, competition and fair play, our community offers a safe space for young people to explore their passions and identify areas of strength they would otherwise not have an opportunity to dis- cover in traditional extracurricular activities.

Safe spaces for young gamers

We are the only youth esports or- ganisation that is 100% Australian owned, and operated by teachers and learning staff. Our organisa- tion provides a unique opportu- nity for students and schools to engage with esports in a safe and supportive environment. All reg-

istrations are processed by hand to ensure that all participants are high school students. The Teacher Representatives are also a point of contact between the schools and the organisation. This ensures that the student’s safety is the fore- most priority.

Engage. Learn. Grow

Our Volunteer Program offers young people a pathway to de- velop cutting-edge skills in new Australian industries, including esports events, online broadcast- ing and new media production. Volunteer roles at Flaktest Gam- ing include, but are not limited to: Regional Managers, Match Of – cials and Commentators.